Our Proprietary Process

The Laser-driven CVD Process

Free Form Fibers employs laser-driven chemical vapor deposition (LCVD) technology to manufacture high performance ceramic fibers.  Our proprietary process is an efficient adaptation of CVD that enables the deposition of solid material from a gas phase in the form of free-standing microstructures with high aspect ratios.

Previously the scale of LCVD-deposited structures (such as rods) has been limited by size, a slow production rate, and poor manufacturing efficiency.  Free Form Fibers has overcome these limitations and developed an efficient and environmentally benign production process for continuous, monolithic filaments of almost any material having a CVD gas precursor.  The unique characteristics of this manufacturing approach, in particular the compact confinement and utilization of the input process energy and chemical precursors, lead to high energy efficiency, a small physical and energy system footprint, and enhanced environmental benefits including little effluent waste, all significant advantages over competing fiber production processes.  The ability to form multiple fiber filaments is possible through the digital spinneret concept using massive optical parallelization.

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Schematic of LCVD fiber production array process
Schematic of LCVD fiber production array process