Development and Production Facility

Free Form Fibers is the only commercial entity in the world with LCVD equipment and infrastructure that can produce high performance ceramic fibers.

The company operates out of 3900 square feet of office and laboratory space in Saratoga Springs, New York.  The workspace includes machine shop capabilities, high temperature furnace processing stations, and microscopy analysis equipment.

In the laboratory section of the facility, FFF has designed and assembled multiple unique LCVD fiber production systems utilizing patent-protected process expertise.  Several iterations of fiber reactors have been engineered through the 6+ year existence of the organization.  The initial unit was a monofilament reactor that delivered fiber to an open-air port.  Subsequent reactor designs deployed the Fiber Laser Printer™ model of deposition, forming an array of adjacent fibers to create a multi-filament ribbon.  Fiber coating capabilities have been developed and added to the core reactor concept.